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About this guide by Daniel Bolivar:
Cali, a beautiful city in the mid-southern part of Colombia is home to a lot of beautiful, intriguing and many a times delicious places. This is guide... [more]
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100 Points of Interest:
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Some points of interest:
night,varies,just show up: Mikasa Bar
night,varies,just show up: La Central
day,fixed price,just show up: CALIWOOD Museo de la Cinematografía
lunch,dinner,varies,just show up: Salerno Pizzeria
night,varies,check: Teatro La Máscara
day,free,just show up: Cerro de las Tres Cruces
day,night,free,just show up: El Gato del Rio
night,varies,just show up: Bourbon Street
night,varies,just show up: Bar Martyn's
lunch,dinner,varies,just show up: La Sanduchería del Escudo

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