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A trip to Philadelphia is ph-un whether your with the whole family, on a romantic getaway, or if you feel like just bar hopping with friends. With so ... [more]
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100 Points of Interest:
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Some points of interest:
day,lunch,dinner,night,varies,just show up: Moshulu
day,free,just show up: Liberty Bell Center
lunch,dinner,night,varies,just show up: Barcade
day,lunch,very cheap,just show up: Italian Market
day,fixed price,just show up: Philadelphia Museum of Art
lunch,dinner,night,varies,just show up: City Tavern
day,night,free,varies,just show up: Spruce Street Harbor Park
day,night,varies,must schedule: Walnut Street Theatre
day,free,very cheap,just show up,must schedule: Independence Hall
day,free,just show up: Philadelphia City Hall

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