Taos: The Jewel of the Land of Enchantment
A Taos, NM, United States guide for the hikers, rafters, artist, diners, historians market

Taos does small-town America like no other. With a rich mix of cultures, Spanish, American Indian, Southwest and Anglo, this little town is a melting pot of arts, personalities, ideas, businesses and food. Though the town itself is home to only about 12,000, and the surrounding counties make up about 40,000 people, the town is vibrant and full of activity and fun. It's a great location for hiking, biking, skiing, gallery gazing, bar hopping, relaxing and so much more. The locals call this charming little town "vacation land", because it seems that the people of this town have decided that their beautiful little oasis in the desert would be just that. With more local businesses and establishments than you can count and countless activities year-round, you're sure to be able to make the most out of this visit.

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A  guide by Victoria