How Guidelet Works

You are an expert on your city. We all are. We all know a small part of the Earth pretty well, at least according to our sense of what is good. Wouldn't it be great to layout a travel guide and share your travel tips with others? It would be based on your local knowledge, catered to a specific market segment, the one whose interests and tastes you know well.

Now you can use Guidelet´s travel guide creating solution to structure a local guide in under 30 minutes! Not bad, considering most travel publishers take 8 months to put one together.

Once you are done creating your guide, you can do lots:

  • Make it public on our site, so our visitors can view it.
  • Embed on your webpage or blog.
  • Share on Facebook and other social networks.
  • Announce it via Twitter, to your followers.

3 minute video on how to create a guide on Guidelet

What are the steps in creating a guide?

  1. You name your guide, identifying your city (or closest) and define the market segment you are writing for, for instance: Istanbul for Single Ladies.
  2. You'll then be prompted to list the points of interest you want to recommend in your guide.
  3. Our engine will find the street address, phone number, website and map location. You just need to add a line or two stating the reason why you recommend it. Repeat step 2 as many times as you like.
  4. Once you are done adding POIs, you can hit ARRANGE DAY TOURS, as it drops those tips on the Day tour schedule. You can then drag your points of interest around until it is in its ideal place on your guide: for instance: Copa beach goes on the 1st day, while Garka Beach goes on 2nd day, sunny day schedule.
  5. Choose a guide cover image and write a little description about your guide.
  6. To save your guide, create an account or login. Done and done!

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